• About Our Company

    IAB&F LAW FIRM provides a full array of legal services. Our commitment is to deliver the highest quality legal services for clients. Our client relations are based on personal relationships, encompassing high degree of trust and respect. We understand the importance of accurately interpreting our client’s needs, and we have been consistently offering quality legal services to businesses and individuals in Indonesia and beyond.

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    IAB&F LAW FIRM sees the clients as the most valued assets of the firm. The growth of our firm is due in large part to the success of our clients and we sincerely believe that our clients’ success is also our success. We make it our first priority is to understand our clients’ objectives, and to execute and implement our ideas, skills and strategies to achieve them.

    IAB&F LAW FIRM is both cost effective and time efficient. We are dedicated to develop and maintain long term relationships with our clients and believe that transparency, honesty, responsiveness and personalized service are the keys to quality legal services.

  • Legal Services

    • Receiver & Administrator for Bankruptcy;
    • Anti-Trust;
    • Litigation Court Practices; and
    • Corporate Secretary.

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    IAB&F LAW FIRM has a wide range of practice areas. Our legal services include these following areas:

    • General Corporate & Company Laws;
    • Commercial Laws;
    • Banking & Finance;
    • Capital Market & Securities;
    • Labor, Employment and Immigration;
    • Energy & Mining;
    • Intellectual Property Rights;
    • Real Estate;
    • Merger & Acquisition;
    • Shipping & Marine;
    • Telecommunication;
    • Broadcasting;
    • Transportation;
    • Bankruptcy;
  • Our Lawyers and Partners

    IAB&F LAW FIRM is proud with our high-quality and solid team work. Our firm consists of dedicated lawyers with experiences in handling wide range of legal matters. We recruit lawyers from top-ranked law schools and practicing lawyers and we commit to provide the best legal team to deliver our clients’ goals and objectives. IAB&F LAW FIRM encourages its dedicated lawyers to maintain positive and supportive working relationships as well as to provide solid and professional relationship with the clients. Communications and personal services help us build and support the frameworks to develop continuous legal system that works for the benefits and the interests of our clients.

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  • Distinctive Commitment

    IAB&F LAW FIRM serves its clients

    • a practical, business oriented approach to services;
    • an unbroken tradition of excellence; and
    • a commitment to continue legal and business innovations.

    Billing and Fees

    IAB&F LAW FIRM applies the practice of billing the clients based on time spent by us in the delivery of our services to such clients. Upon the client’s requests we also make exceptions and accept payment in a flat fee basis (not including value added tax, and out of pocket expenses).IAB&F LAW FIRM also provides retainer services to its clients for a retainer fee, and upon terms and conditions acceptable to the clients.
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    Email: mail@iab-net.com